01/04/2012 07:49 am ET

TSA Declares Its 'Top 10 Good Catches Of 2011' (PHOTOS)

It may 2012, but the TSA is still waxing nostalgic for 2011, releasing Tuesday afternoon its list of "top 10 good catches of 2011" on The TSA Blog.

"Some are dangerous, some simply look dangerous and can cause major delays and others are just plain weird," agency spokesman Bob Burns writes of the highlights.

It's an apt description of the disparate incidents, which include the discoveries of a harmless science project, exotic animals, flare guns, throwing knives and more than 1,200 firearms, many with rounds chambered. One highlight from Dallas in October: two handguns and eight knives in the luggage of a single passenger.

Not on the list is a mention of Trey Scott Atwater, the Green Beret demolitions expert arrested at Midland International Airport on New Year's Eve after TSA screeners found explosives in his carry-on baggage. The TSA has yet to issue a formal statement on Atwater's case.

TSA's Top 10 Of 2011