01/20/2012 04:15 pm ET Updated Jan 20, 2012

10 Miami Pads With Swagger (PHOTOS)

Houses are emotional things, you know. It's why buyers date -- we mean repeatedly visit -- so many places before they commit to their one and only. Some houses are sweet, others loud and in your face. And here in Miami, perhaps more than anywhere else, there are homes that come with a certain swagger. They ooze self-confidence with their glass walls and ocean views, they seduce you with their skylit master-bedroom suites, and their kitchens dare you to come hither. Is that arrogance or just an outdoor entertainment area that knows where the evening is headed?

Think we're nuts? You tell us: Which of these 10 homes has the most Miami swagger?

1. This ultra-modern Golden Beach home listed at $13.5 million takes no prisoners. With 7,795-square-feet and a perch smack on the beach, it'd be hard not to fall squarely in love with some of its features, like the glass-enclosed suspended second-floor bridge or the two-story guesthouse with an electronic roof that exposes the artist studio. Yes, it has the de rigueur infinity-edge pool. Is this the house your mother warned you about?

2. This seven-bedroom newly constructed Modern has wide bay views and a bayfront pool. Located on the if-you-have-to-ask-you-probably-can't-afford-it Sunset Islands, it carries a price tag of $14.5 million. Yeah, we asked. The home has 10,000 square feet and is also available for lease, according to the listing. This one spells party with a capital P.

3. Do you believe that size matters? This Miami Beach penthouse certainly does, with more than 15,000 square feet and a price tag of $19 million. The inside spaces are huge and open with the real action going on in the views. Big, vast and varied -- water, city lights, a look-see that goes on for miles and all of it seductive.

4. Yachts are the new Ferraris. And yachts that you can park on your own dock right outside your door are about as good as it gets. This Coral Gables waterfront home lets you do just that. We also think the house has a to-die-for kitchen and a skylight structure that makes for our kind of camping out. At $14 million, who'd want to ever leave anyway>

5. The swagger on this Lakeview Drive home in Miami Beach is more of an old gentleman's swagger. Think John Forsythe and dry martinis. Listed at $8.45 million, the six-bedroom home built in 1957 oozes old money and the confidence that comes from having it.

6. It's hard to image a bachelor's pad needing 10 bedrooms, but this Indian Creek package of sleekness listed at a whopping $60 million, has bedrooms in spades. It also has lots of glass, water elements and high-end sophistication. We suspect there are Mideastern princes lining up for this one and these days, anyone who owns an oil well is entitled to swagger.

7. Swagger Rule No. 1: You need water elements. This Miami Beach house, listed at $16.5 million, has plenty. It seems that a river runs through it, at least through the outdoor areas. There are stepping stones, pools, and of course the water it sits on. How'd they overlook putting in a wall-size aquarium?

8. This house looks a bit like it meant to stop off in Georgia but decided instead to come to Miami Beach. With some plantation features, it is ready to hold court. There's a certain eclecticism to it that won't work for everyone, but in the eyes of the right beholder, this is the unique place they've been seeking for years.

9. This is one of those homes that may not know what it wants to be when it grows up. It's been fooling around with paint, has formal rooms, looks like it wanted to be a Mediterranean at one point but was born too small. Yet, throughout the mishmash, there is a cohesiveness that somehow pulls it together. For $25 million, will there be a buyer for it?

10. What's a Collins Avenue condo doing on a list like this? It's our nod to the fact that not everyone in Miami Beach needs a detached home and that if you have $11.75 million to drop, this might just be your cup of green tea. Remember, 10,000 square feet of living space is still 10,000 square feet of living space. Plus cable is included.

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10 Miami Homes With Swagger