01/05/2012 09:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Al Sharpton: Republicans In 'Mad Dash To Its Extreme White Wing' (VIDEO)

Al Sharpton tore into GOP candidate Rick Santorum on his MSNBC show Wednesday night, who he described as "one of the most right-wing candidates" in the Republican primary race.

Sharpton was discussing what he called the Republican party's desire to find a "non-Mitt Romney" candidate, which has resulted in the emergence of many "flavors of the month." Sharpton added, "Each one has really been the extremist of the month, and Rick Santorum may just have been the most bitter taste of all."

Sharpton played clips of Santorum articulating his positions opposing abortions and same-sex marriage. He also played a clip of Santorum discussing the "dangers of contraception."

Sharpton summed up his thoughts and said, "Folks, the Republican Party has been in a mad rush to its extreme white wing, and Rick Santorum has been there waiting the whole time." (Of course, Sharpton probably intended to say "extreme right wing.") WATCH:

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