01/05/2012 03:18 pm ET Updated Jan 07, 2012

Bobby Neel Adams Collapses Time With Age Maps (PHOTOS)

New York artist Bobby Neel Adams sought to chronicle the passage of time in a visual manner. Adams called his resultant project Age Maps and says they "telescope the slow process of aging into a single picture."

"The point at which the images are physically torn together becomes the boundary line (or bridge) between decades of passing time," Adams explains. The subjects in the images are at once shown as children and as adults or seniors, creating an eerie, almost uncomfortable intimacy with the development of another.

Adams has exhibited internationally and his photographs are in the collections of the International Center for Photography, New York, the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, the Station Museum and many other institutions. He has published a book, Broken Wings, on the devastation that landmines wreak throughout the world.

What do you think of the Age Maps? Check out this gallery and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Age Maps