01/05/2012 11:38 am ET

Joe Scarborough: Media Will Hamper Mitt Romney's Momentum (VIDEO)

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Mitt Romney won the first victory of the 2012 election season, but Joe Scarborough was skeptical about his long-term chances on Thursday's "Morning Joe."

Co-host Willie Geist was discussing a recent poll that showed Romney with a 30-point lead in New Hampshire, and a 56-point lead as the candidate who voters believe can beat Obama. However, Scarborough was quick to point out that Romney now has a number of factors working against him, including the news media.

"The media doesn't like to have the same story repeated," the MSNBC host alleged. For Scarborough, the media's thirst for drama combined with Romney's newfound momentum mean that "if he doesn't break 40%, New Hampshire's gonna be considered a loss."

He also said that Romney's win in Iowa now has the entire Republican field going after him, and wondered whether the GOP candidate could win in southern states like South Carolina and Florida.

Still, he admitted that Romney was in a "very positive position" in New Hampshire, even after what he called Romney's "extraordinarily awkward" and "laughable" appearance with John McCain. Watch the segment in the clip above.