01/05/2012 10:23 am ET

Kenneth Faried Dunk: Nuggets Rookie Slams Over-The-Head Ally-Oop From Rudy Fernandez (VIDEO)

A professional basketball player is likely to remember the first basket that he scores in the NBA regardless of the circumstance. But rarely will that bucket be scored in such a fashion that everyone might remember it. Sort of like when Patrick Ewing got his first NBA bucket with a put-back dunk over Moses Malone. Such may be the case for Denver Nuggets rookie Kenneth Faried, who notched the first two points of his NBA career in astounding fashion in the team's 100-83 drubbing of the Sacramento Kings.

With the Nuggets already comfortably ahead of the visiting Kings in the fourth quarter, the 6-foot-8 rookie out of Moorehead State scooped up a loose ball after Ty Lawson had dispossessed Isaiah Thomas. True to form as a big man known for his rebounding and his springs rather than his handle, he quickly pushed the ball ahead to Rudy Fernandez rather than try to orchestrate the break himself. The mercurial Fernandez, already deep into the paint before he was on to the ball, grabbed it as he was running full tilt toward the end line and tossed it, with both hands, back over his head. As the ball lifted high into the sky out in front of the rim, Faried came gliding through the air and reached out his right arm for the ball. Controlling it and hammering it through the rim in one deft, decisive motion, Faried was in the scorebook.

Welcome to the NBA.