01/05/2012 02:35 pm ET Updated Jan 05, 2012

Mobile Meth Lab Explosion: Florida Man Clifford Ellison Dies From Exploding Crystal Meth In Car

A man died on Tuesday after a mobile meth lab explosion sent shards of glass into his neck, police in Florida said.

Lakeland authorities originally believed that 36-year-old Clifford Ellison passed away from the resulting car accident, but later discovered that his passenger was mixing a dangerous concoction known as "shake 'n' bake" methamphetamine, which exploded to cause the collision, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Witnesses told police that they observed "some sort of commotion" moments before the car crash, at which point Ellison's companion, Jerek L. Evans, 26, fled the scene, the Miami New Times reports.

Police say that the "shake 'n' bake" method of cooking crystal meth -- achieved using a glass liquor bottle and other household chemicals -- is a faster process that produces smaller batches of the illegal substance, police said.

The investigation is ongoing.

No charges have been filed against Evans.