01/05/2012 05:21 pm ET

'Tangled Ever After' Sneak Peek, Set To Appear Before 'Beauty And The Beast 3D'

Next Friday, Disney will explode.

After the rousing success ofSimba's 3D battle with Scar this summer, the Mouse House will release an eye-popping version of Beast's fight with Gaston.

Adding to the excitement, Disney fans get a little fresh material right before "Beauty And The Beast 3D" in the short film "Tangled Ever After." In Yahoo!'s sneak peek of the short, which looks to be the epilogue of "Tangled," Rapunzel (voiced by Mandy Moore) and Flynn (Zachary Levi) attempt to tie the knot, but face a catastrophe when Flynn's horse Maximus sneezes and possibly loses the ring.

"Tangled", which grossed $200 million domestically in 2010, will hopefully draw viewers to "Beauty And The Beast 3D" and make it a bigger success than "The Lion King 3D," though that may be a bit difficult; Simba and co. went on a very surprising box office run that made it $94 million.

"Beauty And The Beast 3D" hits theaters on Friday, January 13.