01/05/2012 01:35 pm ET

Valerie Jarrett's Coat Gets Us In A Swingy Mood (PHOTOS)

We love a good three-piece suit or tuxedo, but we have to admit: menswear looks, especially in the conservative sartorial scene that is Washington D.C., can get a bit monotonous at times.

Which is why we embrace women like Valerie Jarrett, whose clothes bring a shot of color and interest into the White House. As senior advisor to President Obama (and a longtime friend of the Obama family), Jarrett has been by the president's side since the campaign began -- and she'll be there as he gears up for a second run.

Perhaps getting ready for another major race, Jarrett stepped out today in a bold gray coat, which flared out at the waist and swung gracefully around her lower body. Although she was trekking across the White House lawn, she braved the dirt in slouchy suede boots with spikey heels.

We hadn't seen much of Valerie lately, but this ladylike coat puts her back on our fashion radar. Check out Obama's right-hand woman below. Are you a fan of her oversized outerwear?

Valerie Jarrett