01/05/2012 12:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Windows 8 Gaze Interface: Tobii Eye-Control System To Debut At CES 2012

Old and busted: Your computer mouse.
New hotness: Your eyes.

The Swedish technology company Tobii is set to unveil its eye control system for Windows 8, which allows users to control and move the cursor on the screen simply by looking where they wanted to click.

The Windows 8 Gaze Interface will be on display at CES 2012, and to excite the masses, Tobii has released a video showing how its eye-control technology will work on the upcoming edition of Microsoft Windows.


Microsoft Windows 8 -- the operating system you see above -- was formally introduced and detailed at Microsoft's BUILD Conference for Windows developers in September 2011. The forthcoming OS is optimized for the touches and swipes of touchscreens and tablets, but Tobii has taken the yet-to-be-released Windows 8 and made it controllable with your eyes. The reason, per a press release from Tobii:

With its large tiles, Windows 8 Metro has been praised as a great interface for handheld touch devices. However, using your hands on a touch screen-enabled laptop or desktop computer is not an ideal ergonomic solution, and your hands would also interfere with the objects you would like to click on, drag, rotate or zoom.

The Tobii Gaze interface uses a combination of eye gaze and touch pad to enable all seven primary touch commands of Windows 8 (e.g., activate, select, zoom, scroll, etc.) in a way that is more natural, efficient and precise than any other control when used on laptops and desktops.

Tobii specializes in all things eye control. It recently outed the first eye-controlled arcade game, a classic asteroids shooter, at the Dave & Buster's restaurant in New York City's Times Square; in March 2011, the company debuted the first eye-controlled laptop in a partnership with Lenovo. All three systems -- the arcade game, the Lenovo laptop and the Windows 8 Interface -- will be on display at CES, the massive, yearly consumer tech show at which technology companies large and small showcase their products for the coming year. (HuffPost's coverage of the event begins January 9th and will run all week. Check out our roundup of predictions about what to expect.)

For more about the eyeball-tracking Gaze -- which Tobii calls "the future of computers" -- visit Tobii's official Gaze page here. Then, check out Windows 8's coolest official features in the slideshow (below).

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