01/06/2012 10:42 am ET

David Frum Joining Daily Beast and Newsweek

NEW YORK -- Conservative journalist and commentator David Frum is joining the Daily Beast and Newsweek, where he'll write a blog for the site and features for the weekly magazine.

In making the move, Frum shut down operations of his own site, FrumForum.

"Over the past 3 years, the hard work of over 70 regular contributors and hundreds of other supporters has made a tremendous editorial success out of first, then," Frum wrote in a Friday morning email to contributors.

"Together we have forcefully joined the debate over the future of the Republican party -- and I think we together have shifted that debate. When we started, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck were real forces in American politics. I don't think we can take all the credit for seeing them off, but we do deserve at least some of it!"

Frum, a former President George W. Bush speechwriter, has never been shy when it comes to taking on some of the loudest talkers on the right. In 2009, prior to the merger with the Daily Beast, Frum wrote a Newsweek cover story on "Why Rush Is Wrong." A life-long Republican, Frum wrote a first-person New York magazine piece in November about how the current primary races shows a party losing "touch with reality."

(Disclosure: Danielle Crittenden, Frum's wife, is managing editor, blogs for Huffington Post Canada).