01/06/2012 12:09 pm ET

Facebook Business Cards: MOO Partners With Site For Social Cards Featuring Timeline Information (VIDEO)

Printing company MOO, Inc. has partnered with Facebook to allow users to create customized business cards using information from their Facebook profile timelines, Mashable reports.

Pricing for the cards ranges from $15 for 50, to $60 for 200, though the first 200,000 users to sign up for the deal will receive 50 cards free of charge.

Facebook says they're excited about the joint venture and that the cards will take the social networking experience to another level.

"Timeline helps people tell their story on Facebook and feature the parts of their life that mean the most to them," Facebook spokesperson Jillian Stefanki said in a statement. "The MOO.COM integration makes it possible for people to take this same experience with them offline."

Similarly, MOO representatives are touting the initiative as forging the way into a new era of networking.

"It's clear that consumer habits of sharing business and personal information are evolving, and the lines between online social networking and offline business networking are not just blurring, but vanishing," Richard Moross, CEO of, said in a statement.

Those interested in ordering the cards can head to the product website and authorize the company to access their Facebook page. The system will then pull information from users' profiles and creates drafts of the cards with current cover photos and profile images.

Users' names, employers, and current locations appear below the images, but all three lines can be edited to feature other information, according to MOO's official video tutorial. The reverse side of the cards feature a space for a quote, Facebook profile URL, phone number and email address.

For a more in-depth look at the new feature, view MOO's video tutorial included above.