01/06/2012 12:44 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Glenn Beck: 'I Have Exactly The Same Opinion On Gay Marriage That President Obama Has' (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck likened his personal views on same-sex marriage to that of President Obama's during his radio show on Friday. Beck was speaking from his new studio in Dallas, Texas.

Beck opened his show by sharing his personal views on the subject of same-sex marriage. "I don't care. If you want to sleep with your boyfriend and you're a guy, you want to sleep with your girlfriend, that's up to you. You don't destroy marriage to do it." Beck added, "I have exactly the same opinion on gay marriage that President Obama has, unless he's lying." Beck said that while he didn't believe in same-sex marriage, he did believe in civil unions for gay couples.

Beck also defended comments Santorum made comparing same-sex marriage to polygamy. Santorum asked an audience of gay rights supporters at New England College if they believed in marriages between multiple people, since they believed in same-sex marriage.

Beck used what he called an equation to further discuss why he believed Santorum's comments were correct."The equation is: one man plus one woman equals marriage," Beck said. Later he added, "you can't change the variables."