01/06/2012 03:55 pm ET Updated Jan 06, 2012

Heidi Klum On 'The Price Is Right': Contestant Serenades Supermodel In German (VIDEO)

Contestants on "The Price Is Right" (weekdays on CBS) have been known to get a little crazy when it's their turn to "Come on down." Adding celebrities to the equation, as we saw when Neil Patrick Harris was tackled by a contestant on Wednesday, has a way of turning the excitement up a notch. With supermodel Heidi Klum guest-hosting on Friday for the show's Celebrity Charity Week, things went in a surprisingly musical direction when an opera-singing contestant named Benjamin serenaded her in German.

Sporting a scraggly beard and wearing a T-shirt that said "I <3 Drew!" Benjamin didn't exactly inspire confidence. "He said he's from Kansas and he's an opera singer, and I just believed him," Drew Carey said, sounding a little nervous. "Let's hear it," Klum encouraged. Benjamin offered to serenade Klum in German, but was hit with a momentary bit of stage-fright. "This is so much harder than in actual opera," he joked. But once he took a deep breathe and began to sing, he put on quite an impressive performance.

Unfortunately for Benjamin, his "Price Is Right" skills weren't as good as his opera singing. He missed out on winning a Ford Fiesta, undervaluing the car by several thousand dollars. But he did get a kiss on the cheek from Klum as he was leaving the stage, which in the grand scheme of things, isn't such a bad consolation prize.

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