01/06/2012 06:56 am ET Updated Mar 07, 2012

'Hook, Line, And Sisters': Dean Screams At Sierra Over A Snagged Net (VIDEO)

Sierra Anderson seems determined to become a good fisherman, but papa Dean is a tough taskmaster on "Hook, Line, and Sisters" (Thu., 10 p.m. EST on TLC). In this second episode, Sierra was trying to determine if their net was snagged, but Dean seemed to already know it was and was none too pleased she was taking longer to figure it out.

Sierra was as exasperated that Dean was yelling and shouting so much she couldn't even figure out what he was saying. At one point, he went into a tirade that started with "Stop! You're snagged!" and ended with "What the hell's the matter with you, anyway?" Everything in the middle was so unintelligible that TLC didn't even try to give viewers subtitles.

"It just sounds like a bunch of yelling and chaos," Sierra said in frustration. At that point, though, there was little to do but let Dad's storm of frustration rage until it petered out on its own. There's clearly still a lot for her Sierra to learn if she wants to captain the ship herself one day; but Dean could learn a thing or two about communication himself.

Follow her education on the waters with "Hook, Line and Sisters" Thursday nights at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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