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HUFFPOST HILL - Hubba Hubba Saxby Chambliss

An unaffiliated Ron Paul web video is our generation's "Daisy" ad, except this time the girl is Jon Huntsman's children and the flower is a racist discussion about their ethnicity. K Street lobbyists who recently worked on the Hill can stop calling themselves "strategic consultants" and can start calling themselves "lobbyists." Not that they will. And a study ranked Saxby Chambliss among the five most attractive members of Congress. Sorry, Sander Levin. This is HUFFPOST HILL for Friday, January 6th, 2012:

THE CRUEL, CRUEL UNIVERSE KEPT MITT ROMNEY, BILL KRISTOL AND THE GUY WHO MADE THE DUKAKIS TANK AD FROM WORKING TOGETHER - Roll Call: "As it turns out, Mitt Romney and Bill Kristol two share a bit of ancient history from 1994, when Romney was running for Senate in Massachusetts against the late Sen. Edward Kennedy (D). Kristol had just boosted another GOP candidate in California, Michael Huffington [Editor's Note: Oh, hey], by preparing him for a televised debate with Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D). The late Greg Stevens, of 'Dukakis tank ad' fame who was producing television spots for Romney, pitched the campaign on bringing in Kristol to prepare Romney for his debates with Kennedy. Charley Manning, the surprisingly liberal Republican consultant who was calling most of the shots on the campaign, immediately vetoed the idea. 'The Boston Globe will have a field day with that,' Manning told fellow campaign aides on a conference call, according to a Republican operative who worked on the campaign." [Roll Call]

SCOOP OF A SCOOP: THIRD WHEEL RAHM - Rahm Emanuel's presence in the White House caused a massive rift between first lady Michele Obama and White House staff, according to the new book "The Obamas," by Jodi Kantor of the New York Times. Sam Stein and Marcus Baram describe scored an advance copy and detail how tensions escalated: "Once the administration began, the frictions only escalated. Emanuel rejected Michelle Obama's efforts to be part of his 7:30 a.m. staff meeting. The administration did not outfit her with a speechwriter for some time. And the first lady's office grew so isolated from the rest of the presidential orbit that aides there began, as Kantor writes, "referring to the East Wing as 'Guam' -- pleasant but powerless." [HuffPost]

Two-and-a-half: @AbuZilif: So, to make fake Twitter frenzy, Paul fans made fake site to make other Paul fans think Huntsman made fake ad... goo.gl/Qhjwd

@aseitzwald: Love that movie where the wife has a gun and has to decide who's the real one, @NYTimeskrugman or @Paul_Krugman

DAILY DELANEY DOWNER - Ralph Olivieri of Coventry, R.I., says he and his wife Alexis will run out of heating oil in a couple weeks after receiving roughly $400 worth courtesy of the federal government's heating assistance program in December. "I got the temperature down to 65, and I got to keep a jacket on and a couple of sweaters in the house, because I never know when the next oil's gonna come." Olivieri, 81, had applied to a local nonprofit for heating oil under the federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. "They send you a letter, they call the oil company up and send the $400 to them," he said. "On the letter they say that's my allotment for oil. They don't say that they're gonna give you any more." It's not likely they will: Just in time for the start of winter, Congress and the White House reduced LIHEAP funding by 25 percent. The federal government doled out $4.7 billion for heating assistance in fiscal 2011; the 2012 allotment is $3.5 billion. The cut happened in December as lawmakers scrambled to fund the government before they left town. The result will be less heat for fewer people. [HuffPost]

DOUBLE DOWNER - For workers older than 55, the average duration of joblessness is longer than one year.

TRIPLE DOWNER - There were 1.9 million out of work 99 weeks or longer as of December, up from 1.4 million the previous year.

DOWNER PRO - Stay away from Unemployment Rate Truthers -- people who claim to have the REAL unemployment rate. Here's an example.

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TREND WARNING (EH...MAYBE): SLEEPER CELL TWITTER ACCOUNTS - @Paul_Krugman today tweet questioned (twestioned?), "Why Is Tom Friedman Still Writing for the New York Times?" and linked to economist Brad DeLong's blog entry asking that very question. Twitter's hive mind immediately suffered a seizure. Countless journos -- ourselves included -- giddily retweeted the update, assuming that two of the Times' most popular op-ed columnists would soon be embroiled in a very public scrap. What's more, FriedmanHate is one of America's favorite pastimes, so the twitterverse was more than happy to fuel the fire. ThinkProgress quickly threw water on the whole thing, pointing out that @Paul_Krugman is a fake account. @NYTimesKrugman is the Nobel Prize winner's real account. However @Paul_Krugman has over 50,000 followers and features the same photo and content similar to Krugman's real account -- so it's easy to see why someone might be confused. The episode called to mind an incident involving @HuffPo. The account, which isn't associated with the Huffington Post and has since been suspended, tweeted offensive stuff that upset people. Up to that point, the popular-but-fake account had only bot-tweeted HuffPost articles and was generally thought by us HuffPosters to be harmless. And yet one day, not unlike @Paul_Krugman, it went bonkers. As they say, "two is a coincidence and three is a trend." We only have two examples. We're sure there are more out there -- lurking, waiting to get the call from their home base -- but we're too lazy to do the legwork. Also, someone smarter than us has likely written about this already. Anyway, sleeper cell Twitter accounts: Be on guard, America. Vigilance is key.

GOOD NEWS FOR LOBBYING FORMER LAWMAKERS - As of Wednesday, former Senators and Representatives defeated during the 2010 midterm are officially permitted to lobby their former colleagues on Capitol Hill. Kate Ackley: "Many of these former lawmakers already went to work on K Street while still under their bans, but until Wednesday they had to carefully navigate client relationships without running afoul of the law. They were permitted social interactions with Hill denizens and could offer behind-the-scenes advice to paying clients. But directly lobbying their one-time colleagues was strictly off-limits, and many ex-Members say they rode out their bans steering clear of the Hill for the sake of appearances." Congratulations, guys! [Roll Call]

RICK SANTORUM REALLY LIKES TALKING ABOUT ABORTION - When he's not taking aim at the terror that is gay marriage, Rick Santorum's favorite subject is abortion. A new study by the Sunlight Foundation's Lee Drutman reveals just how much Santorum talked about abortion on the Senate floor. The report found that between January 1996 and Januray 2007, Santorum mentioned the word "abortion" 1,014 times. And that's not counting related phrases, such as "partial birth," "fetus," "fetal," and "life of the mother," all of which Santorum said more times than any other Senator. [HuffPost]

SURGING SANTORUM -- EW -- IN SOUTH CAROLINA - Mitt Romney may have New Hampshire (seemingly) all wrapped up, but several polls released Friday show Santorum growing stronger in South Carolina, though Romney is holding on to the lead. Mark Blumenthal cautions: "But for all the caution about the latest results, the fact remains that having essentially tied with Santorum in Iowa, Romney now leads by wide margins in both New Hampshire and South Carolina. Two weeks is a very long time at this stage in the presidential nomination race, but if Romney sweeps both upcoming primaries, he faces a very easy path to the Republican nomination." [HuffPost]

Cheer up, Rick Santorum

A shocking new report finds minority voters aren't keen on laws that prevent them from voting. Huh. Ryan J. Reilly: "An estimated 75 percent of [Mississippi]'s minority population rejected "Initiative 27," a constitutional amendment requiring voters to shozw photo identification at the polls, while only about 17 percent of white voters went against the proposal, according to a report by the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights." The initiative passed with 62 percent of the vote. [TPM]

ORTHODOX JEWISH MILITARY VETERANS FOR PERRY - Rick Perry may have been crushed in Iowa, and may be bringing up the rear in New Hampshire polling, but he's picked up support from a surprising source: a veterans' group located in an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn. Mazel tov, cowboy! Andrea Stone: "The grammatically challenged website of Operation Boots on the Ground says its mission is to "elect rick perry for president in the republican primers." It features battle photos from World War II and other conflicts and notes that President Barack Obama cut the Pentagon budget." Judging from his support in the latest national polls, Orthodox Jewish military veterans in Brooklyn may now be the only Americans supporting Perry. [HuffPost]

Keith Olbermann doesn't care for bald people

ADOPTING KIDS STILL A LIABILITY IN REPUBLICAN PRIMARIES - Twelve years after George W. Bush's campaign used robocalls to plant rumors about John McCain's adopted Bangladeshi daughter being his "illegitimate black child," a YouTube video released by an alleged group of Ron Paul supporters uses Jon Huntsman's two adopted daughters, as well as his fluency in Mandarin Chinese, to argue that Huntsman lacks American values. Sam Stein: "The relationship between the group, 'New Hampshire Liberty 4 Paul,' which created the video, and the Paul campaign was not entirely clear, nor was the legitimacy of the group itself (as web videos go, this falls below the usual standards of Paul fans). The group has no other discernible online presence, the YouTube account was created on Jan. 4, and has posted only the single video -- all of which points to some ad hoc effort and not an actual campaign product." The Paul campaign blasted the ad as "disgusting." [HuffPost]

BECAUSE YOU'VE READ THIS FAR - Baby cockatiels are surprisingly cute.

APPARENTLY SAXBY CHAMBLISS IS AMONG THE FIVE MOST ATTRACTIVE MEMBERS OF CONGRESS - A new study conducted by professors Israel Waismel-Manor and Yariv Tsfati of the University of Haifa in Israel finds that good looks help members of Congress get more media attention. More importantly, the study ranked members of the 2007 Congress according to their physical attractiveness, according to a survey of students at the university. Since fellow top-fiver Stephanie Herseth Sandlin lost her seat in 2010, we can only assume that Chambliss is now in the top four. [Atlantic Wire]

By @bradjshannon!

- Yahoo! News and FunnyOrDie teamed up to make a 15 minutes parody GOP debate video. Great casting. [http://bit.ly/weMkOZ]

- The Beatles' first US concert was here in DC a few years ago. [http://bit.ly/znFWAz]

- One song, four videos, four dance styles. [http://bit.ly/yQfoK3]

- iPad in a protective case seems to survive a fall from space. [http://bit.ly/AnV7or]

- Salvador Dali held a dinner party in 1941. It was totally normal. [http://bit.ly/wPbPYN]

- Vertical wind tunnel dance party. Yep. [http://bit.ly/yY3n9C]

- Somebody plays a Lady Gaga song on two cell phones. Thanks, Internet! [http://bit.ly/xePLbW]


@GSElevator: #1: Romney's the type of consultant asshole who uses chopsticks at the table even when the Chinese people are using forks.

@LizMair: In my inbox: Some dude I have never heard of, never written about, etc., is withdrawing from a race I never knew he was running in.

@mileskahn: #FF Zombies, before they follow you.



6:00 pm - 9:00 pm: The art galleries along R Street host their monthly First Friday open house, your last chance to appreciate DC before Congress gets back and ruins it all. [R St. NW, around Dupont Circle; free]
6:00 pm: Looking for a crazy Friday night in the Granite State? Try stalking Rick Santorum at the Hillsborough County GOP Gala. Non-sanctioned afterparty is at Speaker's Pub in the Crowne Plaza Hotel. [2 Somerset Parkway, Nashua, N.H.]

Jan. 6 - Jan. 7: Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) hosts his Second Annual Winter Ski Retreat in Park City, just like the other Utah senator did. Only difference is that Hatch charges double what Lee does. Then again, Hatch plays the piano and sings show tunes. [The Stein Eriksen Lodge Deer Valley Resort]


4:00 pm - 8:00 pm: Union Pub's 2nd Annual Wild-Card Chili Cook-Off Charity promises even more booze and chili than last year. Stupendous. A good time and a bad stomach ache are only $10. [201 Massachusetts Ave NE]

9:00 pm: The only game in New Hampshire is the WMUR/ABC News Republican Debate. Say hi to HP's Sam Stein, Amanda Terkel, and Howard Fineman if you see them. Actually, flick them in the ear lobe and run away. If they catch you, tell them Jason Linkins told you to do it. [Saint Anselm College, 100 Saint Anselm Drive, Manchester]

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