01/06/2012 02:20 pm ET Updated Jan 06, 2012

Rachel Maddow Roasts GOP Candidates, Talks Holiday Break With Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow roasted the GOP candidates like a seasoned comedian in an interview with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday.

Maddow was a guest on Fallon's late night show, where the two talked about their holiday breaks. She hosted her family for the holidays in Maine, and revealed that she had gone fishing by herself on Christmas to de-stress.

The conversation turned to the GOP race, and Maddow jokingly expressed some pity for Mitt Romney. She said he has "been running for president essentially my entire adult life."

She positively salivated over the prospect of seeing Rick Santorum stay in the race and mocking his views on a number of issues, including birth control. "Oh God, please let him go the distance," she said.

Maddow also made fun of Rick Perry on multiple levels: for "going home to think about quitting," and then tweeting a picture of himself in jogging gear to announce that he is still in the race.

When asked who she believes will win the GOP nomination, she said that she never thought Santorum would become a leading contender. She said, "Just Google him" -- a line that Fallon said constituted "the best attack ad." Watch the rest of her answer in the clip above.