01/06/2012 10:03 am ET Updated Jan 06, 2012

Rescued Wolf Dogs Cared For By War Veterans

Donations poured in when Dr. Lorin Lindner and her husband Matt Simmons became vocal about adopting 29 wolf dogs from Alaska -- including from celebrity animal activist Bob Barker.

CNN reports that the wolf dogs, who had been a visitor's attraction near Anchorage, were chained to poles and forced to walk in circles for tourists. They now live in the Lockwood Valley Animal Rescue Center, which is run by Lindner and Simmons.

The Rescue Center employs several war veterans to take care of the new Alaskan wolf dogs, which is a therapeutic opportunity for returning military members.

"It gives you inner peace," Gregg Hill, Iraq War veteran told the news outlet. "You feel really good about what you are doing, knowing the situation these guys came from, and knowing that you are working with rescued animals and making their lives better. In turn it makes you feel better about your life and what you are doing."

Feel inspired? To donate to the continued connection of veterans rescued animals, called Warriors and Wolves by the rescue center, click here.