01/06/2012 01:11 am ET Updated Mar 06, 2012

'The Rosie Show': Emmy Rossum Talks 'Shameless' Sex Scenes & Socks (VIDEO)

When Showtime premiered "Shameless" in January 2011, its graphic depictions of sex and sexuality immediately drew a lot of attention. And as the series progressed, it never shied away from that side of it storytelling and Emmy Rossum is happy about it. On "The Rosie Show" (Weeknights, 7 p.m. EST on OWN), she talked about why she thinks the sex scenes aren't gratuitous.

"If we're gonna show poverty and depression and anger and joy that you get from being around your family ... and how would people try to be together?" she explained, emphasizing the tiny house shared by these eight family members. "So I think it's kind of interesting." If it didn't serve the realism of this darkly comic story they're trying to tell, she might not support it.

But that doesn't mean sex scenes aren't inherently awkward. Rosie O'Donnell talked about the sex scene she had with Julian McMahon on "Nip/Tuck" and the infamous "sock" male actors have to wear in such scenes. Rossum then opened up about her "Shameless" co-star Justin Chatwin's first time experiencing one on their set.

"Rumor has it he actually filled it with sand so it would -- in case he got excited at all during it-- hold it down," she explained.

The second season of "Shameless" premieres this Sun., Jan. 8 at 9 p.m. EST on Showtime. "The Rosie Show" airs every weeknight at 7 p.m. EST on OWN.

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