01/06/2012 07:19 pm ET Updated Aug 17, 2012

Thief Steals Christmas Gifts, Returns Them With Apology Note (VIDEO)

A Staten Island man got a late Christmas gift when packages that were stolen from his porch were later returned with an apology note from the thief.

Two days after stealing the gifts, the man returned them with note that read 'this is all I took. I'm so sorry and Happy New Year. I just want to do right for this New Year.' CBS News reports that, Mike Valloney, a retired NYPD detective, recorded the thief on his home surveillance system and turned the video over to the police department.

According to WPIX, Valloney believes that the man may have seen himself on the news and had a change of heart.

The remorseful thief is not the first to succumb to a heavy conscience. Recently a New Hampshire thief returned a stolen wallet and in Pennsylvania, a stolen truck was returned with an apology note.