01/07/2012 01:29 pm ET Updated Jan 07, 2012

Metro Inspecting Trains After Brake Component Falls Off Train

WASHINGTON -- Metro is inspecting more of its railcar fleet this weekend after an incident on Friday where a brake component fell off an Orange Line train near the Stadium-Armory station around noon.

The incident is the second of its kind in recent weeks. "But this time," the Examiner reports, "it's a different type of rail car with a different type of brake system and different manufacturer, raising questions about Metro's care of the cars."

Nobody was hurt in Friday's incident and commuters did not experience the type of massive delays that happened on Dec. 20, when a "friction ring" fell off a Blue Line train near the L'Enfant Plaza, hit the third rail and "impacted" two Orange Line trains. Hundreds of passengers in that incident had to be evacuated from the affected trains. Service on the Blue and Orange lines ground to a halt downtown just after the morning rush hour.

Following Friday's incident -- which also involved a friction ring -- Metro said in a media advisory that 464 rail cars in its 2000-, 3000- and 4000-series rail cars have similar brake assemblies to the train car in question, No. 2072. Inspections are expected to continue into early next week.

The situation was the latest in a string of service problems for the transit agency's rail system, including emergency repairs to cracked rails during peak commuting times.



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