01/08/2012 01:31 am ET Updated Mar 08, 2012

Kim Anthony Jones Sets World Record By Jump Roping 164 Times On A Unicycle (VIDEO)

Some people never master jump roping. Most people never master the unicycle.

Kim Anthony Jones has mastered both and now he has a world record to show for it.

Jones, a member of the King Charles Troupe, a group of men from the Bronx who specialize in unicycle basketball, just set a world record for most single jumps on a unicycle while double dutch jump roping by hopping on one wheel 164 times in succession.

In order for the record to count, Jones needed to remain balanced on unicycle throughout attempt and wasn't allowed any outside support.

In addition, he had to set his record in the double dutch style jump roping style using two standard jump ropes, and the unicycle had to be lifted over ropes on each jump.

But Jones isn't the only person who has set or broken a wacky world record in recent weeks. Check out the video gallery below.

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