01/08/2012 01:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mitt Romney Tie Has Us Distracted At Presidential Debate (PHOTOS)

By many accounts, Mitt Romney hit it out of the park at Saturday night's presidential debate. He had his talking points down pat, ignored his opponents attacks and seemed to dominate from start to finish.

Yet one distracting little detail had us doubting Romney's "flawless" performance: his questionable blue tie.

Mitt, arguably the least radical of the GOP candidates for the presidential nomination, typically chooses blue neckwear while his competitors opt for red.

Men's fashion expert Hendrik Pohl, the CEO of, has said of the choice, "Blue is the color that people most commonly name as their favorite color and it has very calming effect on people" -- and sure enough, Mitt's worn the hue in over 75 percent of the debates.

But considering his surprising near-tie with Rick Santorum in the Iowa caucus, perhaps Mitt felt the need to make a splash. Or maybe he just didn't bother to check with a stylist before hitting last night's stage. Because Romney's navy tie was covered with a small white print, little globules that from afar resembled... a certain male reproductive organ?

Take a look below and help us identify the strange pattern. What the heck are those things?