01/08/2012 03:59 pm ET

Montana Student Collapses, Brought Back To Life By School Staff

As reported on KPAX News, a Montana High School student's heart failed last week. He was revived by staff at Columbia Falls High School.

A similar incident happened in 2007, when a Montana student at a nearby high school died after going into cardiac arrest during football practice. One of his friends raised enough money to get two defibrillators for his school and training for the staff on how to operate them. In 2009, public schools in the area received $4,000 in funding to buy automated external defibrillators.

These aren't the only students that have rallied together to equip their schools with these life-saving devices. After a star basketball player died earlier this year of cardiac arrest following a school game, Fennville Michigan students on the The Wes Leonard Heart Team basketball team are now raising money to make sure every school in their area has a defibrillator available.