01/09/2012 01:29 pm ET

From Review To Raise: How To Capitalize On A Positive Appraisal

You're king of the world! Or maybe, you're queen of the world! Congratulations on kicking butt and taking names in 2011. It's an amazing feeling to walk in to your review knowing that you've accomplished your goals and pleased your supervisors. Whose sweating the end of the year performance appraisals? Not you. It must be nice.

While you're basking in the glory of success, don't forget that a positive review doesn't mean you can take a break and ease into the new year. In fact, you might have even more incentive to put your nose to the grindstone and kick up your workload. Why? Because you can't let a good year go to waste and now is the perfect time to make that big power play you've been outlining in your mind for months now. Capitalizing on a positive review is the best way to ensure that you see even more encouraging feedback in 2012.

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