01/09/2012 08:02 am ET Updated Mar 10, 2012

Betty White's 90th Birthday: NBC Tribute, Zachary Levi Makeout

This had to be the raddest 90th birthday party ever.

Betty White, that indomitable spirit, celebrated her ninth decade at a star-studded blowout thrown for her by NBC. The party featured performances and appearances by Tina Fey, Morgan Freeman, Ellen DeGeneres, Seth Meyers, Joel McHale, Tracy Morgan and Mary Tyler Moore, amongst others.

Of course, NBC wasn't just throwing the party for the fun of it. They'll also be broadcasting the shindig. The special, called "Betty White's 90th Birthday: A Tribute to America's Golden Girl," will air on January 16th at 8pm. And we can only hope they broadcast Zachary Levi's interaction with the Golden Girl.

"Soooooo, I may have just made out with Betty White. This is not a joke. #bucketlist" he wrote on Twitter Sunday night.

Still, despite the kisses and the fact that she got to sit on a throne and take in her adoring friends and admirers, White doesn't think she quite deserves all the hubbub.

"Don't give me any credit," she told reporters over the weekend. "I didn't do anything to get to be 90. It just happened. I didn't accomplish anything. It just came up on me."

Betty White's 90th Birthday Party