01/09/2012 01:55 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Brotox' Trend Soars As Women Gift Their Guys Plastic Surgery For The Holidays (VIDEO)

Would you get your man Botox for the holidays?

"Good Morning America" did a profile this morning on women who -- hint, hint -- offer to take their guys to the plastic surgeon or dermatologist for a little pick-me-up of Botox, or, cheekily, "Brotox."

ABC News reports that more than 300,000 men got Botox last year, a 10 percent increase from the previous one, and also that a reportedly soaring number of men who are receiving "Botox gift cards" from their concerned significant others.

And overall, increasingly more men are going under the knife -- due to a friendly nudge or not; the number of men getting plastic surgery has soared by 45 percent since 2000. The most popular procedures? Face lifts, eyelid surgery and liposuction -- and now perhaps, anti-wrinkle injections.

While more and more women might be suggesting the treatment, it's also possible that men are having increasing concerns about body image. A startling recent survey also found that almost 50 percent of gay men who were asked would sacrifice a year or more of their lives to have a perfect body.

But the obvious downside to handing your man a Botox gift card? Uh...awkward. ABC cites this tip:

"If you're gonna give plastic surgery as a ... gift, make sure that the person actually wants it ... because some men might take it poorly," [plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony] Youn said.

Click over to ABC News to read more men's reactions to their unusual holiday gifts, and watch the videos below.

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