01/09/2012 06:10 pm ET

Chimeric Monkey Pictures: Primates Developed From Stem Cells Of Multiple Embryos (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Because we know you'll ask: no, you can't have one.

Hex, Roku and Chimero, the insanely cute rhesus monkeys pictured here, are the world's first chimeric primates -- monkeys developed from a mix of genes from several parent monkeys rather than just two.

Scientists in Oregon last week announced their birth.

Shoukhrat Mitalipov, an associate scientist in the Oregon National Primate Research Center and an author of the research, called it an "important development" that "will impact our understanding of stem cells and their future potential in regenerative medicine."

He added, "Stem cell therapies hold great promise for replacing damaged nerve cells in those who have been paralyzed due to a spinal cord injury or for example, in replacing dopamine-producing cells in Parkinson's patients who lose these brain cells resulting in disease."

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