01/09/2012 11:47 am ET

Judah Friedlander Announces Presidential Run, Outlines Platform On Fallon (VIDEO)

While we're still waiting to see if Alec Baldwin makes a run for mayor of New York City, his "30 Rock" co-star Judah Friedlander is bravely soldiering ahead with a run for president.

We already knew Friedlander was the world champion, but does he have the stuff to be the America champion?

By the sound of it, he definitely has his platform nailed down. The actor and comedian stopped by "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" last week and weighed in on a number of topics, including immigration and gay marriage. Whether he's got your vote or not, you certainly can't call him soft on the issues.

The above clip starts with a discussion of Friedlander's world champion status, and then he announces his endorsement of himself around 1:20.