01/09/2012 03:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Martha Stewart Show Gets Canceled (VIDEO)

Martha Stewart on The Martha Stewart Show, which is being canceled. Flickr photo by michaelaion.

Life without Martha? Say it isn't so! After a season of sinking ratings, Hallmark Channel has decided to drop The Martha Stewart Show once and for all. With a sparse audience of 225,000 viewers in 2011 and huge production costs due to the pricey studio, the economics of the show just weren't working. But before our fellow DIY-ers and craft enthusiasts have a minor (or major) panic attack, Martha Stewart Omnimedia ensured The New York Post that they're planning a lavish send-off for the domestic doyenne's show...Oprah Winfrey style.

For the full article, visit The New York Post. And, be sure to watch the video below for one last behind-the-scenes look at the soon-to-be discarded set of the show.