01/09/2012 02:39 pm ET Updated Jan 09, 2012

McDonald's Shame Mask: Finally, A Guilt-Free Eating Experience (VIDEO)

We've all been there: you're running late, you're in a hurry, and all you want is a quick meal to keep your stomach from growling the rest of the day. So you run into a McDonald's and scarf down a burger like you're racing against a clock.

But there's always that twinge of paranoia at the thought of running into someone you know while you're stuffing your face. It's not that you think hamburgers should be a secret, it's just that no one feels their best when they're pigging out on artery-clogging fried foods, so seeing your ex-girlfriend or your coworker would be a little embarrassing. We get it.

Luckily the guys over at Jest have dreamed up the perfect product for this scenario, and it's called the McDonald's Shame Mask. Just imagine being able to slurp on a milkshake and pop McNuggets like vitamins without the social stigma of being someone who's reckless with their health.

The future is now!