01/09/2012 02:03 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5 Other Uses For Aluminum Foil

Flickr photo by public domain photos

Aluminum foil does more than just cover your food. Lets look at some other uses of aluminum foil that will make being foiled a good thing!

- Paint Brush Saver. One of the worst parts of painting is cleaning the brushes, especially if you know you’ll need them the next day. Instead of washing the brushes, wrap them up tightly in aluminum foil and stick them in your refrigerator. They may be a little cool to the touch, but they’ll be ready to go.

- Keep Pets Off Furniture. As much as we love our animals, there are certain pieces of furniture they shouldn't go near. When you can't be at home to shoo them away, try this trick: Place a sheet of aluminum on top of the couch, table or seat. The sound of the crinkling foil will remind them that this isn’t the best place to hang out.

- Sharpen Scissors. Sure, we should routinely sharpen our shears professionally, but that means a. Finding a pro who can do that and b. Making time for that appointment. Instead, take the DIY route: Just use the blunt scissors to cut through a few sheets of aluminum foil.

- Keeping Your Iron Clean. You can use a piece of aluminum foil to remove the starchy build-up on your iron. To do it? Just run the iron over a sheet of foil. The heat will transfer the starch to the foil sheet, leaving you with a nice clean iron.

- Shine Up Chrome. To restore chrome items back to their original shine, bring out the foil. Just wad it up into a ball, dip it in water and buff the chrome to remove rust, dirt and dullness. Similarly, you can use aluminum foil to restore silver items...check out the video to see how.

Do you have any favorite tips for repurposing aluminum foil? Let us know!

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