01/09/2012 05:48 pm ET Updated Feb 01, 2012

Tangletown: 5 Reasons To Visit Seattle's Hidden Neighborhood

Tangletown is sort of the Brigadoon of Seattle -- a neighborhood that appears from the mist when you're least expecting it. Sitting at the nexus of the tangled roads East of Greenlake (hence the name), Tangletown is nearly impossible to find except by accident. But once you get there, it is a tiny oasis of shops and dining. Here's why you need to get Tangletown into your GPS.

56th Street Market

You'll find a selection of grocery basics in this small neighborhood market, including organic produce. The tables outside are ideal for picking up a salad in the deli and enjoying lunch alfresco. 56th Street Market also keeps a supply of free treats for your four-legged friends.

2201 N. 56th St.; 206-547-5940

Elysian Brewing Company

This local brewer has two other pubs in the city, both large and noisy. The Tangletown Elysian Brewing location opened in 2003 and has only 80 seats. That makes it a neighborhood watering hole to be enjoyed with a brew and conversation sans shouting.

2106 N. 55th St.; 206-547-5929

Beehive Salon

No one wants to get a bikini wax in a place with any sign of dirt or grime. But for a procedure so intimate you want it to feel more comfortable than a sterilized doctor's office. Beehive is a full-service salon offering help for everything from the hair on your head to the hair on your, um, you know, that is at once artsy, cozy, and clean.

2101 N. 55th St., Ste. 120; 206-547-1510

Kisaku Sushi

You may have heard the rumors of a supposedly great sushi restaurant in the Wallingford/Greenlake area but so far been unable to find the elusive Kisaku Sushi. It's here in Tangletown. Like most places in the area, it has devoted regulars bonded by their shared knowledge of how to find it. Pull up a seat for some raw fish and new Tangletown friends.

2010 N. 55th St., Ste. 100; 206-545-9050

Mighty-O Donuts

You may remember when a Seattle vegan baker beat out the competition to be crowned the Food Network's donut-making champion last month? Well Sara Beth and her Mighty-O Donuts reside in Tangletown. You can find the donuts at coffee shops and other eateries throughout the city, but this is where they come out of the fryer.

2110 N. 55th St.; 206-547-0335

Photo Courtesy of Dave Morrow's Custom Creations, flickr

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