01/10/2012 02:10 pm ET Updated Jan 10, 2012

Bajaj Auto RE60: World's Smallest Car? (VIDEO)

Over the years a slew of vehicles have fought for the title of "world's smallest car."

The latest entrant on the scene is the Bajaj Auto's RE60, a new vehicle that fits four people and sports a 200cc, water-cooled, fuel-injected engine mounted in the rear.

First unveiled at New Dehli's Auto Expo 2012, the company says the vehicle isn't actually a car, but a four-wheeler designed to compete with three-wheel "autorickshaws," the Economic Times notes.

Logging an impressive 82 miles on each gallon of gas, the Indian-made compact urban passenger vehicle will save money on fuel and help eliminate eco-guilt thanks to its minimal carbon emissions of just 37.28 grams per mile, explains Zimbio.

CNN takes a moment to compare what AutoDaily calls a "luxury rickshaw," with America's largest passenger vehicle, the decked out Cadillac Escalade. Weighing just 881 pounds, the RE60 is expected to cost 40 times less than the 7,100 lb Escalade.

Depending on how you classify it, the RE60 now rivals the Nano, produced by India's Tata Motors, for the title for world's smallest production automobile.