01/10/2012 05:45 pm ET Updated Jan 27, 2012

WATCH: Carrie Underwood Rescues Injured Dog

Carrie Underwood's home must come pretty close to heaven for dogs. The 28-year-old country singer and well-known animal lover rescued an injured Labrador from the side of the road during her drive back to Tennessee from Oklahoma over the holidays. Underwood wrote about the experience on her fan club blog and gave updates on the dog's recovery in the following days.

According to, Underwood had her own two pups in the back of her SUV when she spotted a pair of injured dogs on the interstate. Though one was "limping" and "bloody," she was wagging her tail and Underwood lifted her into the car; the other had unfortunately died. Underwood guessed that the dogs had been tossed out a car by their owners and abandoned.

In attentive mom mode, the singer took the rescued dog, who she named Stella, to an emergency vet for treatment and got her groomed, trained and cleaned. Stella made a quick recovery and by January 2, Underwood happily announced Stella's new permanent home: right down the street with Underwood's neighbors, who adopted the pooch.

Though Stella has the softhearted star to thank for saving her life, Underwood seems to have gotten equally attached to her furry companion: "I cried when she walked out the door," she wrote. "She's the best Lab I've ever been around!"