01/10/2012 06:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kim And Kyle Richards Childhood Photos

It looks like Kim Richards and her sister Kyle have always known how to show off their sass for the cameras.

In this photo from the early '80s, the ladies pose in front of their family fire place, showing off their long locks and feisty attitudes. The duo, who both currently star on the hit series "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," dress the part of a typical '80s teenager with their feathered bangs and bright blue jeans. Both girls had their fair share of fame in their younger days -- Kim hit it big as Tia in Disney's "Escape to Witch Mountain" while Kyle had a recurring role on "Little House on the Prairie" -- but they've both shot back into the spotlight with the Bravo reality series.

The photo shows the happy sisters hamming it up for the cameras, but their relationship doesn't always play out as nicely on camera. Kyle told The Huffington Post, "[Having] our relationship being played out on TV is difficult; people dissecting it and thinking they know us is very difficult at times. We've gone through a lot together ... I'm happy to say we're in a much better place right now."

That may have something to do with Kim checking herself into rehab in early Decemeber 2011 to deal with substance abuse issues. It was reported earlier this week that she is doing well and has checked herself out.

Check out the shot of the totally '80s sisters below and for more pics of Kim and Kyle, before the fame, check out the full gallery at Snakkle.com


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