01/10/2012 10:53 pm ET Updated Jan 10, 2012

New Hampshire Election Results 2012: Winners And Losers

GOP presidential candidates wasted no time flocking to New Hampshire after last week's Iowa caucuses, with Mitt Romney leading in the polls and his rivals making frantic attempts to shift the tide and chip away at his advantage.

Hordes of reporters also descended on the Granite State, traveling with the candidates to campaign events and contributing to the mob atmosphere at polling places.

In the end however, Romney emerged the clear victor while still managing to leave lingering uncertainty about how strong of a frontrunner he is. And so the GOP candidates, all of whom said on Tuesday night that they would remain in the race, will continue their mad dash in 11 days, when voters in South Carolina get their chance to help pick the GOP's general election contender in an open primary.

Who came out a winner and who came out a loser in the New Hampshire primary? Click through the slideshow below and vote.

Winners & Losers: New Hampshire