01/10/2012 02:40 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Obama Team Steals Spotlight With Huge Union Leader Ad On New Hampshire Primary Day

Think Team Obama is sitting quietly on the sidelines as today's GOP primary unfolds in New Hampshire? Not so fast. The president's reelection campaign team bought up big ad space to run an 'Obama 2012' promotion around the front page of the Granite State's major newspaper, the Union Leader.

Obama's team pulled the same stunt two weeks ago, on the day of the Iowa caucus. The cover story on Iowa's Des Moines Register was flanked by a blue 'Obama 2012' banner ad.

Unlike the Iowa ad, today's also takes a dig at the Tea Party. "New Hampshire Primary Results: The Tea Party Agenda Wins! FIGHT BACK," it reads.

Today's online edition of the Union Leader:

The front page of the Des Moines Register online on Iowa caucus day Jan. 3:

The digitally savvy Obama also addressed Iowa Democrats on caucus day through a video speech. "Hello, Iowa! How are you guys? I miss you all," he said. (View the full remarks and video here.)

We'll see if New Hampshire gets a similar shout out from the president today.