01/10/2012 10:56 am ET

Philippines Tourism Campaign Goes Viral

Advertising: It's more fun in the Philippines.

At least that's how it seems now that a fresh campaign from the island nation's tourism board has set internet message boards afire with a clever tagline -- "It's more fun in the Philippines."

Riffing on a series of famous ads from the '50s -- "It's more fun in Switzerland" -- the new push is aimed at increasing visitor arrivals to the Philippines to 10 million annually by 2016.

Released this week, the ads have already inspired unofficial spin-offs both hilarious and cutting. In one image, a roast pig is an example of the fun that can be had "planking" in the Philippines. Another much more serious photo shows, in a bit of social commentary, some of the country's many "street children" having "fun." A Facebook group dedicated to the user-generated faux-ads already has more than 2,500 likes.

The official images so far released by the tourism board were shot by Filipino lensman George Tapan.