01/10/2012 12:28 pm ET

Pit Bull, Police Dog Fight Reignites Debate Over Breed Ban in Chicago

An altercation between a pit bull and a police dog Friday night could add more fuel to one Chicago alderman's proposal to possibly ban ownership of the breed within city limits.

A Chicago police officer reports that two unleashed pit bulls charged at his police dog, VVorra, as he walked her on a leash in the South Loop Friday afternoon, according to the Chicago Tribune. One of the dogs bit VVorra on the nose, muzzle and thigh, causing her to lose a "substantial amount of blood," according to the officer, before he was able to separate the animals.

VVorra was rushed to an emergency animal center and treated for her injuries, and the officer returned Sunday to ticket the owner, NBC Chicago reports. The owner was cited for failure to restrain an animal and failure to exercise her responsibilities as an animal owner.

The incident happened the same week a 62-year-old jogger was attacked by two pit bull terriers on the city's lakefront, sustaining bites all over his body that left him in critical condition. (See video below.)

Last week, Ald. Robert Fioretti (2nd) called for the City Council to "take a good hard look" at Chicago's ownership laws as they apply to pit bulls, adding that he has heard "nothing but bad" about the breed. A citywide ban on pit bull ownership was considered in 2007 but was never enacted.