01/10/2012 10:56 am ET

Psychic Spider Monkey Picks Gingrich To Win New Hampshire (VIDEO)

At least he's got that one vote.

Grandpa, a spider monkey known for his prognostic abilities, has picked Newt Gingrich to win today's hotly contested New Hampshire primary. While the primate's pick seems to go against all other predictions, polling and common sense, his record of picking US Open and Super Bowl winners might give the other candidates pause.

The NY Daily News announced last week that it was partnering with the Staten Island Zoo, the 40-year-old monkey's home, to commission the prediction. Each GOP candidate's name was written on a banana and the fruit was then scattered in hay. According to the video of the scene, Grandpa chose -- and quickly devoured -- the Gingrich banana first, thus bucking mainstream beltway thinking.

His further predictions were also telling as he picked Santorum for second, Perry for third and Jon Huntsman for fourth. He completely ignored the Romney banana, which could prove to be the more prescient move. Gingrich probably won't nab first place, but if Romney doesn't maintain frontrunner status in New Hampshire, who knows what will happen? Maybe Huntsman will finally enjoy his moment in the filtered, fourth-place sun.

No word yet on whether or not a Ron Paul banana was included in the experiment or how far away from the others it might have been placed.