01/10/2012 01:50 pm ET

Real Estate's 'Easy' Directed By Tom Scharpling With Jake Fogelnest, Chris Gethard (VIDEO)

Once again, Tom Scharpling (The Best Show) has directed a music video for a cool indie band and populated it with hilarious people. We simply can't get enough of these.

This song in question this time is "Easy" by New Jersey band "Real Estate." Featuring a street team from hell that will do whatever it takes to get their favorite band's music heard, the video stars Chris Gethard, Gabe Delahaye & Leah Giblin, plus Jake Fogelnest as a DJ who gets on the wrong side of the team.

The sweet turn at the end is a nice surprise, reminding us that all of those weirdos out there have a reason they do what they do.

Also, if you need more Scharpling and music in your life, check out the latest installment of his song by song review of Metallica/Lou Reed album LULU.

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