01/10/2012 01:34 pm ET

Shervin Lalezary On Ellen: LA's Hero (VIDEO)

You're going to want to make the video full-screen for this one. Shervin Lalezary, the modest and endearing hero who caught the Los Angeles arsonist suspect on Jan. 2, won us over (all over again) on "The Ellen Degeneres Show" Monday.

Lalezary, grinning from ear to ear, explained to Ellen exactly what the sheriff's reserve program is, through which he earns only $1 a year for making our streets safer. He described what "happened inside" of him when he saw the suspect's van, and Ellen gives him an amazing thank you gift at the end (in addition to $2--a doubled salary!).

Ellen asks him if he's single (He is! He is!), and a surprise big-name guest comes out at the end to give Lalezary a second thank you gift. Cheers to a happy ending!