01/10/2012 12:42 pm ET Updated Jan 31, 2012

Sofia The Lion Tamer Shows No Fear At Wellington Zoo In New Zealand (VIDEO)

Three-year-old Sofia isn't scared of much, and her father has video to prove it: The girl barely flinches when a lion paws against the glass at New Zealand's Wellington Zoo. Instead, she simply looks the oversized cat in the eyes and wonders what it's thinking.

Malik the lion had just been fed when Sofia and some other children approached the glass to take a look.

"Maybe it felt threatened that Sofia might try and take [the food] or that he preferred to eat her," dad Julian Walker told New Zealand's 3 News.

Despite her parents advice, Sofia remained pressed up against the glass, entranced by the animal, and Malik soon pounced at the glass again.

"Biggest paws ever!" an onlooker exclaims in the video, before Sofia is finally guided away from the display.

Walker told the New Zealand Herald that he admires Sofia's fearlessness toward the lion, but said that at this point, his daughter would rather be a fairy than a zookeeper.

Cafe Mom blogger Adriana Velez expresses her admiration for the young girl:

There's an element here to what I'd like to see in all girls growing up right now -- that fearlessness mixed with inquisitiveness. I can see Sofie growing up to be a biologist searching for poisonous snakes in the Amazon, or an investigative journalist, asking dangerous questions! Watch out world, Sofie is fierce.

Malik and the girl were separated by "three centimeters of resin-bonded glass," according to 3 News.

Sofia plans on returning to the zoo next month to celebrate her birthday.