01/10/2012 12:48 pm ET

Valentin Bahena Dead: Teenager Dies After Being Shot Through Window Of His Home

A teenager shot inside his home early Sunday died from his injuries at John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital early Monday morning.

Police say Valentin Bahena, 17, was awakened by noises and looked out his window to see two men standing near his house in Belmont Craigin, Fox Chicago reports. When he asked what they were doing, one of the men opened fire, and Bahena was shot in the head.

Bahena's sister says she spoke to her alderman about installing a police camera on their block just two weeks before his brother was shot, after an incident last summer where a bullet was fired through their front door, she told the Chicago Tribune. The family is reportedly raising money for a reward, and denies police allegations that Bahena had any gang affiliations.

Police have not yet taken anyone into custody or filed any charges related to the shooting, but detectives say they are seeking two male offenders in connection with Bahena's death, according to CBS Chicago.