01/11/2012 05:04 pm ET Updated Jan 19, 2012

Celebrate Hot Toddy Day In Chicago: 10 Places To Get Your Warm Wintry Fix (PHOTOS)

Although winter has gotten off to a mild start in Chicago, we would be remiss to ignore, particularly with a cold spell right around the corner, the January 11 commemoration of National Hot Toddy Day.

The delicious mixture of whiskey (or rum or brandy), sugar, honey and spices -- all heated to a boil with a lemon on the rim -- is known not only to be delicious, but is also thought to be helpful as a boozy treatment for a cold.

Whether you're looking to relieve a scratchy throat or you're just hankering for a wintry flavor amid the year's not-so-wintry start, HuffPost Chicago, with the help of our readers, has rounded up 10 spots in the city to track down hot toddies and a plethora of other warmed-up seasonal cocktails below. Give us a shout if we missed your favorite spot. Cheers!

National Hot Toddy Day In Chicago!