01/11/2012 08:36 am ET Updated Mar 12, 2012

CNN 'Early Start' Hosts Respond To Jon Stewart Mockery Of Phone Prank Gaffe (VIDEO)

The CNN hosts whose prank phone call gone wrong made them a target of Jon Stewart's addressed his attacks on Wednesday morning.

Ashleigh Banfield and Zoraida Sambolin, who host "Early Start" on the network, made a huge mistake on Monday when they called a random stranger instead of the comedian they were supposed to be talking to. Unfortunately, the gaffe was seen live on air.

On his Tuesday show, Stewart mercilessly mocked the flub, as well as the segment in general. On Wednesday,
Banfield talked about watching the mockery.

"I was really in a rough way last night," she said, calling Stewart "my absolute hero." Sambolin said that everyone was fair game for Stewart, which Banfield acknowledged. "I need thicker skin!" she said.

However, the two hosts soon rallied.

"If you thought you were going to tear us down, you got another thing coming, Jon Stewart!" Banfield said.



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