01/11/2012 12:28 pm ET Updated Jan 11, 2012

Geraldo Rivera Alleges PBS Exposé Of News Corp. In Facebook Post

In a long Facebook post, Geraldo Rivera alleged that the PBS series "Frontline" is doing an exposé of News Corp., the company that owns Fox News and has been mired in the phone hacking scandal.

The Fox News correspondent described an extremely tense dinner meeting with former colleague Lowell Bergman, the journalist who produced the famous exposé of tobacco companies for "60 Minutes." Rivera's account took the form of a long caption accompanying a picture of himself.

In it, Rivera said that Bergman began to question him about the British phone hacking scandal rocking News Corp. and then "dropped a bomb": that his journalism students at UC Berkeley were working with ProPublica reporters to dig up dirt on the New York Post, the Wall Street Journal and Fox News. None of those News Corp. properties have been implicated for phone hacking.

Bergman reportedly asked him for help getting an insider to talk about "derogatory information about News Corp" on record. Rivera said he denied knowing anything about phone hacking, and had never heard about it at Fox News.

But the conversation took a turn for the worse when Bergman said his students were working hard to speak to someone at the network. Rivera wrote:

Now glaring back at the indefatigable Mr. Bergman, I asked, "Are you threatening me?" which he denied, then I said, "Let me get this straight. You are the most left-wing reporter in television news, a Berkley professor no less, and you're working with ProPublica, the most hard-left reporters' group in the business, and you're going to air your documentary on Public Television, and you expect me to convince my colleagues at Fox News that you're going to give us a fair-shake? Give me a break."

Rivera also reported seeing a "Frontline" van outside his office on Tuesday. "I hope they’re not hacking my phone," he wrote.