01/11/2012 01:18 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Ghost The Musical' Makes Some Interesting Visual Projection Choices (VIDEO)

The London production of "Ghost The Musical" reminds us of what a fine line there is between a Broadway musical and an episode of "Glee." Playbill has a highlight reel from the show that's headed to Broadway on March 15, starring Richard Fleeshman ("Legally Blonde") and Caissie Levy ("Wicked") as our thwarted lovers. Prepare yourself for a lot of animated singing, shirt removing and questionable video projections. Yes, this show is half human, half graphics, what with the ghosts and all. The Guardian has seen these projections live and vouches for them -- "Visual trickery persuades us that Sam has walked through walls, shot back and forth out of a moving train and occupied the body of Oda Mae Brown. [Matthew] Warchus masterminds the whole operation with skill." The Independent also raves, calling these trompe l'oeils "thrilling and entertaining." All that's missing is a hologram!

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Watch and judge the graphics for yourself: