Gilles Jacquier Dead: Graphic Video Reportedly Shows French Journalist Killed In Homs, Syria

The Syrian TV channel released footage on Wednesday claiming to show the aftermath of a grenade attack in Homs that killed French journalist Gilles Jacquier and injured several others. France-2 Television cameraman and award-winning journalist Jacquier was killed during a government-authorized tour of Syria's restive city.


The video below purports to show Jacquier in the backseat of a yellow taxi. Pools of blood cover the streets.

The Associated Press reports on the attack:

According to a reporter who was on the media trip, the group was hit by several grenades. As many as six Syrian civilians also were killed, but the figure could not be confirmed, activists said. [...] The circumstances of Wednesday's violence were unclear, but reporter Jens Franssen said he was among about 15 journalists who were taken on a tour of the city. "At some point, three or four (grenade) shells hit, very close to us," he told the Belgian VRT network.

Footage shot by a Belgian film crew from the rooftop of the building also shows several grenade attacks hitting the neighborhood.

Gilles Jacquier is the first western journalist to be killed during Syria's uprising. According to the French newspaper Le Monde, six Syrians were killed in the attack.



WARNING: This video contains extremely GRAPHIC footage: